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Beast Pacing provides Half Marathon and Marathon pacers for events across the United States and abroad. Our pacers are professional, but have FUN while helping other runners reach their goals. Whether it is a Boston Qualifying Time you are looking for, a P.R., or just someone to run with, we are there to help!

Our pacers our chosen for their ability to successfully lead a group while keeping them motivated all the way to the finish. Pacers are assigned to Full Marathon times 20 minutes slower than they typically run (Half Marathon times 10 minutes slower) and are required to finish the race within 1 minute of goal time, but never over.

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FAQs About Pacing

Do I have to pay to run with the pacers? No! It is free to registered runners for the marathon and half marathon.

How will they pace? Pacers will be running even splits.

Will pacers stop at aid stations? Each pacer will have their own strategy for water stops so be sure to find your pacer about 15 minutes prior to the start. They will be wearing safety yellow shirts and carrying an orange sign.

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